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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photos and Video from DirtFish

Here are some great video and photos from our 3 days at the DirtFish Rally School.

We were the first team to drive our own car during the school.  The DirtFish cars are all orange.  So, for the school, we were the "blue car".

Our car looks similar, but there are a lot of differences under the skin.

To keep the neighbors happy, our loud car had to wear this extra muffler...

Here's Dan in the "Boneyard"...

Fun on the wet-down tarmac skidpad.

Here's Dan with our instructor, Nate Tennis. Nate is well know in the Northwest for being ridiculously fast in an underpowered Saab.  He had plenty of good advice for us.

Here's a video of Dan doing the Mill Run - The Mill Run connects several sections of the DirtFish property.  In this Video, Dan starts in the Boneyard, then through the Slalom, then finishes up in the Wedge.

Here's a video of Doug taking a turn in the Mill Run.  This was toward the end of the school when we were putting everything together....


  1. Well worth the time and money. Sounds like you guys learned a ton, and also about the car setup.

  2. I just stumbled upon dirtfish today and this. you guys do exactly what I always dreamed of. I am curious do you guys pay for all your upgrades and mods out of pocket? I just got my 06 sti not too long ago and I love it!

  3. Hey Bryce- Yep, all out of pocket. You will find that to be true for all but about 3-4 rally cars in the U.S.

    Come out to a rally some time! Check out for a schedule, or visit - It's a great rally forum.