Roshambo Racing

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mt. Hood on the hood

Here's the car with the new graphics on the hood.  It looks great!

Almost ready for Olympus!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few more details... And the Olympus Driving Order

We've been plugging a way at some smaller details since Doo Wops.  Here, the gauge panel is finally done. 

We also got both radiator fans working.  We were thinking that one of the fans only ran with the A/C, which isn't installed in our car.  So, we figured that one fan wouldn't work- and that's how we ran Doo Wops.  But in fact, both fans run as long as all the relays and fuses are plugged in.

Dan has been working on adding some grating to the front of the car, to protect the radiator from rocks and sticks.  Dan has also finally solved the puzzle to allow us to hook up the oil pressure sensor.  That should be done soon.

The car gets some more RalliTek vinyl tomorrow!  It will get Mt. Hood on the hood of the car.  Now it will be even harder to discern from Mark Mager's car.  But we have black wheels and he has gold.  So that helps.

Dan got to choose if he'd drive first or second at Olympus.  Day 1 has 75 miles or so.  Day 2 has only 38 miles or so, but the Day 2 roads are somewhat preferred because they're more smooth and flowing. 

Dan chose Day 1.

We're going to do the recce at Olympus, which means we get to drive the roads once in advance of the rally.  We're also running the Jemba notes, which detail every single corner on the road.  This is different from "route book" that we usually use- which only shows the most dangerous corners. This should be fun!

Olympus is April 24-25 and is based in Ocean Shores, Washington.