Roshambo Racing

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Dash is in, windshield, and off to RalliTek!

Last week was another good week.  We got the dash installed, and all the bodywork put together.  Also, the windshield was installed.  It actually looks like a car now instead of a shell.

Here's the dash.

Here's proof that Doug does more than just take photos.  Soldering together a battery cable using a torch...

The taillights got left at home... But they're in now.

That engine bay looks empty.... but not for long.

Today, the car was delivered to RalliTek for the motor installation.  The shot above is from their shop webcam

You can just see the car on the right side of the photo.  RalliTek and IPD use the same shop- That's why. there are a bunch of Volvos in the photo.  RalliTek will soon have the motor in, and then we'll have a stout rally exhaust installed before returning the car to RalliTek for tuning.  Hopefully, all of that will be done by Mid January so we'll have time to add skidplates, rally lights, and rally gear.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big day of work

Today, we had a huge crew come by to help.  Bill, Bryce, Dave, Pat,  and Joe all stopped in for the better part of the day to toil away on the rally car.  We're lucky to have some really good-natured and skilled friends.

We got some major things done:
- Bumper cores lightened & installed
- Heater installed
- Front wiring harness simplified
- Battery box mounted
- Door, hood, and trunk seals installed

- Horns installed

We're  very close to installing all the body work and lights.  One more work night and that could be done.

Here are some pictures from today:

Pat lightened the front bumper core with the plasma torch.

While Joe took care of the rear bumper.  This may be the first time that Joe has used his plasma torch in 5 years.  Dan and I have used it a whole bunch, though.  Thanks, Joe!

Also note Dan's air compressor in the background "26 gallons".  He searched and searched for that model, since mine is only 25 gallons....

Bryce took on the task of mounting the aftermarket heater.  Doug had already done most of the ducting, but the real challenge was mounting the heater so it wouldn't move.  Bryce did a great job.

Bill helped mount the battery box and even got to weld some more.

Dave took care of all the seals, and then mounted the rear bumper.

Bryce ate a maple bar.

Hazel supervised.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Car is painted!

Car is back from Maaco.  For $250, they did an awesome job.  It's not showroom quality, but it is rally quality.  Here are some photos. More and better photos to follow once assembly is complete.

Turbo Restrictor is done

I have mixed feelings on this one.  The photo above is of 34mm turbo inlet restrictor.  This part is required by rule to rally, and reduced the amount of air that the turbo can suck in, thus reducing horsepower.

I'm happy to have the part, because I designed it, and our friend Morris machined it.  It's a good fit.

But, I'm not too happy about the reduced horsepower part.  :(  Oh well.

Photo of turbo without restrictor.

Photo of turbo with restrictor.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paint Prep, and.... it's gone!

Bill and Geoff came over to help get the car ready for a trip to the paint shop.

Here, Geoff removes the inserts that held the radio antenna in place

Here, Geoff seriously prepares to yield the front bumper core like a sword.  Incidentally, Conan The Barbarian is Geoff's favorite movie.  Geoff mentioned that the bumper core is heavy, so it must be turned into swiss cheese...

Here, Bill uses the spot weld cutter to remove the stock battery platform.

Bill sheds a tear when he realizes that the spot-weld cutter can also cut a hole through the car and into China.

Success!  But, Bill was pissed when he realized that 60 minutes of work yielded a weight reduction equal to 12 minutes on a treadmill for Dan...  This anger was remedied with a cold beer...

... and by the chance to weld the washer-bottle bracket back into place.

Here's the car, ready for a good cleaning, and for a nice coat of paint.

Here's the car on the trailer, ready for the trip to Maaco.  It looks disgustingly similar to when it rolled off the trailer 6 months ago, but it is in fact much closer to being a real rally car.  The next photos will be of beautifully painted panels and assembly of those.  Soon, this will look like the bad-ass rally car that it will be.