Roshambo Racing

Saturday, April 19, 2008

1st Regional Rally Complete

We'e just finished the first regional rally and we think we took 3rd 2 wheek drive and 2nd in G5.  These roads are fast!

Our top speed according to our rally computer was 108.  We were hoping for 110!

Dan gets to drive the remaining stages of the day, since the second regional rally begins today.

Looking forward to defending or improving our place in 2WD.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Olympus Recce Day

Today, Dan and I did the recce for the Olympus Rally. Recce is short for Reconnaissance- We drove each of the stages that we will run on, and checked our "notes" or directions for the stage. The stages for this rally are going to be very fast. We expect to exceed 100 mph on every stage. Roads are mostly gravel, and are very smooth and flowing. There's nothing to break the car as long as we stay on the road! The picture above is of our friend Ron's WRX. He kindly lent it to us to drive on the recce.

The weather has been cool and very windy. But so far, it has been dry. There's 30-40% chance of rain or snow in the next two days. We want it to stay dry!!

There is just one other car in our class, G5. That car is a 500+HP Volvo of John Lane. We can't beat Lane if he finishes. We will drive our normal race and see what happens. There is also a HUGE "side" prize fund put up by other two-wheel drive competitors. The winner among regional two-wheel drive competitors stands to win quite a lot. Check it out here: 2WD Prize Fund.

After the recce, we watched "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram warming up for a show that he did for the crowd. See video below.

Later, we were joined by friends Doug P, Joe, Sonya, and Ron. These folks will service for us this weekend and hopefully have a good time of there own!

I'm driving on Saturday, and Dan drives on Sunday. I'll try to send an update tomorrow of how we did for the day. You can also Check out the Rally-America updates and scoring here: Rally America Updates.