Roshambo Racing

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Olympus Results

So how did we finish up at Olympus? Well, it could have been better!

At the end of the first regional Rally, we held 2nd place in G5, 3rd place among 2WD cars, and were 9th out of 22 overall. Dan took the helm for the 2nd regional rally and things were going well. We had a nice battle with Lou Beck in his Focus and the Zedril's in their Lancer. However, on the second to the last stage, our RX-7's differential failed and we coasted to a stop on stage. We still had a blast and we were still smiling when we pushed the car onto the trailer.

We've since traced the failure to a defective pinion gear in the differential. We're having everything rebuilt and will be ready for the next rally soon.

Some great video of us was put on YouTube by Mike Schmeling. Click here.

In the National Rally, Ken Block won overall.

Here's a photo of the broken pinion gear... note the missing teeth.

Here's a photo of the red Impreza passing us on the side of the road. Look close to see me holding the "OK" sign.

Here's a photo of me placing a triangle to warn oncoming rally cars that we are stopped here.
Here's a photo of me taking the car into a tight, downhill right hand turn.

Travis Pastrana took 2nd place in the National rally...

John Lane took 1st in two-wheel drive in this 500+HP Volvo.