Roshambo Racing

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Faster Than Maaco

Chumpcar is coming up on Halloween. Chumpcar is a race for crappy cars. And, we've entered. Our friend Bryce has an old Subaru Impreza that has been raced in similar races twice. This will be the first 24 hour outing for this car, though.

Today, some of the team (of 6 drivers and 3 crew) got together to paint the car to match our "World Rally Chumps" theme. We started today by laying down a base coat of faux World Rally Blue.

Here's what the car looked like at 10:45:

Here's what it looked like at 12:10. Note the awesome Chump style paint booth.
Eager painters ready to go. Bryce, Jessica, Pat, Dan, Doug.

Here, Jessica highlights the Krylon True Blue paint can. It's not REALLY Subaru World Rally Blue. Almost impossible to tell, though. Perfect (Chump) match.

This dog wanted to help, too. I told him no, because he had no balls.

Here's the car at 12:15.

Here it is at 12:22. Dang near finished. Only took 9 cans of paint.
And here it is with painted wheels and rally lights. We just need to add a few decals and it will look EXACTLY like one of Petter Solberg's winning cars.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brakes are really finished

Finally, the brakes are finished. We just need to fill the lines with fluid to see they leak. Here's a picture of the hydraulic hand brake with the brake bias adjuster on top of it.

Here's a photo of me with part of the wiring harness. This is the part that fits under the dash. Lots of totally unlabeled connectors. Lots of wires we don't need anymore (for air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, etc). The laptop in the background has the factory service manual on it, so we can figure out what goes where. It's a huge mess.

We also had John Elkin come by and inspect our rollcage. He approved our car for a logbook- which is not unexpected. But still nice to have done.
Finally, the brak