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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Doo Wops Video - In Car

Here's some in-car video that I mixed together.  Some forward facing video, and some facing Paul and I.  This is from the Smith Creek Stage.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Terrific video from Doo Wops

Here's a really good video put together by Sean Sexton from RalliTEK.  It features both our car and Mark Mager's...

Cool Doo Wop Photo

This one is from Matt Young at

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First rally, Finished! Doo Wops was great.

The first rally in the new car was this past weekend. The Doo Wops Rally, in Aberdeen, Washington.

The rally went FANTASTICALLY.

The only down side was that Dan couldn't make it.

However, at Dan's insistence, I took the car and shook it down along side longtime rallier Paul Eklund, who navigated for the event. Paul filled in at the last minute, also after having provided lots of advice on the build of the car, and providing many parts through his Primitive Enterprises.

Our goal for the weekend was modest: Finish the rally.

We set the car up for the minimum turbo boost on Saturday and I set out learning how to drive a turbo all wheel drive car. The first stage was tarmac- a good thing because it's more predictable than gravel. Then we moved to a couple of gravel stages. Our stage times were upper third. On the last two stages, which were 80% tarmac, we set top 5 times. On the Saturday rally, we finished 4th overall, out of 28 entrants.

On Saturday night, we washed the car and put some fuel in it. It's nice to have a car that's perfect, especially on the first rally. And this just shows how excellent the work was that all of our supporters did.

Sundays stages had more gravel. I learned a lot about using my left foot to brake- A common technique for making the car turn better on loose surfaces. We did turn the boost up one notch, and the car's power really was surprising. The first two stages were very marbly, and my confidence was still not high enough to be very fast. As the day progressed, we got faster. In the end, we finished 6th overall, behind some very formidable competitors.

Here are some links to some photos, videos, and results. Also keep an eye on the blog for more media as it becomes available.

Video by Doug Powell:

Video by Mike Schmeling: 

Some good photos:

Here's the car at Parc Expose...

Here's our car parked next to the other RalliTEK car owned by Mark Mager. Mark's wing is cooler than ours.
Here's an awesome photo taken by Timm Von Derau on the Palix Stage...

Paul is way better at spraying champagne than I am...
Here's the whole 2010 Doo Wops team: Nicole Carrick, Sean Sexton, Bill Kostich, Paul Ekund, Doug Heredos, Doug Powell, Patrick Carrick...

Saturday Results
Sunday Results

Our next rally is the Olympus Rally, April 24-25. Hope to see you there!


Friday, March 5, 2010


Here are some progress photos. Lots of little details getting wrapped up now. Well... they appear "little", but each little detail represents a fair bit of time. Fun stuff, though.

Here are the door cards that Dan fabbed. Awesome work. they look factory. Well, the top part is factory, but the bottom part is custom, to clear the roll cage.

Rally intercom mounted... Actually in a place where we can reach the controls (right between the seats). In the old rally car, one had to perform Chinese contortionist moves to change the volume...

Spare tire mount, along with a fire bottle and first aid kit...

Tool bag mounted just behind the seats (left) and warning triangles, tow rope, and spill kit (right)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Flappies and Brakies - Steady Progress

This Saturday and Sunday were long work days. Thankfully, we had good help from Bill, Ian, and Doug P.

Here some of what is now done...
We have new Hawk brake pads and dba front rotors installed.
We have good mud flaps.
We have working gauges. Just need RalliTek to hook up the senders for us.
We have properly adjusted seats and harnesses.
We have a Terratrip mount.
We have a mounted Terraphone intercom.
We have a nicely waxed car.
We have some of the decals on the car.
We have door panels.

We still have lots to do. In particular, the rally computer is being an issue. The transmission came with some random, non-stock wires sticking out of it. However, the don't seem to drive the stock speedometer or the Terratrip, so we need to install another probe somewhere to get the rally computer working.

We also have to mount/tie down lots of stuff inside the car like tool bag, spill kit, triangles, etc etc...

Here are some photos from the last couple of days...

Doug Powell, lightening the shift boot bracket.

Mud flap. Nice work by Dan...

Ian working on the brakes. Ian does nice work. He also brought a cool dog named Zach.

dba rotor, The new Hawk pads are hard to see in this photo....

Joy took this. Apparently this is my best side...

Dan, painting the rear doors white...

It really looks like a rally car now...