Roshambo Racing

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Work Night - Brakes

Friday night, Dan, Doug, and Doug's neighbor Tim met to swap out the brakes and run new brake lines, eliminating the ABS system in the car. The new brakes are from the 2007 WRX with 4 pots in the front, and 2 pots in the rear. The brakes are installed on 3 corners. Unfortunately, we found that the "new" left front nuckle has a bad wheel bearing, and we need to fix that before installing that corner. Also, "someone" forgot to bring the brake-line flaring tool, and so we will need to run the brake lines at a later work party. We had plenty to do, so this isn't a big deal.

Tim was a huge help in installing the brakes. He's a very experienced mechanic and works very fast.

Here, Dan begins to mount the hydraulic hand brake. I don't think the cardboard piece is staying.

Here, Dan adds some blackout paint at the front of the rollcage. This is to reduce glare from all the bright white paint in the drivers eyes.

Here, Dan..... uhhhh... models his halloween costume, made from an unneeded (and heavy) bit of metal removed from the car. I'll send one Hamm's tallboy to anyone who can correctly identify that piece.

We also installed the trunklid with the wing, and replaced the lock cores in the doors (we didn't have a key for the doors before).

Next on the list is to finish mounting the handbrake (requiring some minor cutting and welding) and then running all of the brake lines.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time to get down to business

The car finally made it to Dan's house last weekend. We're going to get it sitting on a fresh drivetrain and get all the body work done before returning it to RalliTek for the engine installation and tuning. There's a LONG list of things to do. Here's a subset:

- Install new nuckles, brakes, and brake lines - install new wheels & driveline
- Run brake lines, e-brake, proportioning valve
- Paint rollcage (ie. black in windshield area and repaint white in some areas)
- Install dash & figure out heater ducting (need heater)
- Install windshield
- Remove various metal brackets, etc (weight savings)
- Install lock cores / ignition switch
- Fit seats/possibly install or decide to go with head-restraint seats
- Figure out plan for door cards or replacement & installation of door handles/window switches
- Tow hook plan (might be able to use stock)
- Plan dash/gauges/switches
- Plan battery mounting
- Install card to separate trunk from interior
(Plus about 250 other items)

Once at Dan's, we introduced the new service crew to the car. Liam, Ezra, and Michael thought the car was pretty cool. Michael even helped remove the old wheels- He's getting good with the electric impact wrench! I just hope he doesn't use it on my car when I'm not watching.

This is Hazel. Hazel is new. She's in training to be a rally service dog. The cone thing is to protect some stitches and to keep her ears glued down. It's times like this, I'm glad I'm not a dog.